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Vote Will Burke for Lee County Mosquito Control Seat 5
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William P. Burke for Lee County Mosquito Control District, seat 5. Vote November 3rd!
In 1922, the Florida State Board of Health advised that "only men interested in rendering a real service should be considered" as potential mosquito control inspectors.  Effective mosquito control work was "no job for a politician," which is just fine to me.

I teach English and ESE with Lee County Schools where I am also a TALC building rep. I'm also a 4th generation Floridian, husband, a graduate of the University of Florida, and La Belle, FL native.  I come from a family of educators, who spend their careers serving the public.  My mother and sister are teachers and my grandfather was Superintendent of schools in Hendry County.

I'm running for Lee County Mosquito Control not because I want to be someone important, but because I want to do something.  I love my job and my students but there is more to be done.

If you are registered to vote in Lee County, I am on your ballot.
Why Mosquito Control Matters
Lee County Mosquito Control District's budget for the upcoming year is $21.9 MILLION, which is the largest of any mosquito control operation in the U.S.A. For the most part, it is money well-spent: mosquito control protects public health by preventing outbreaks of malaria, West Nile and others, which is challenging in our swampy landscape.

The most frequently asked Mosquito Control question I've heard on the campaign trail is: "Do we really need to use all these chemicals?" The short answer is yes, but there is more that we can all do to control mosquitos, and simple at-home methods can reduce the need for poisonous adulticides.

As a teacher, I'd like to make sure Lee County's residents know more about mosquito control. Did you know that Mosquito Control Starts at Home?
My Goals
If elected, I will work to improve transparency and public outreach.  The recent purchase of Woodstock Airport on Pine Island was controversial, and I can see why nearby residents wanted more communication. The LCMCD is doing a good job using new technology and methods, but with greater public input and awareness, everyone can benefit. 

If elected I would work to improve public education, because effective mosquito control begins at home--see News-Press story above.

I will also encourage LCMCD to invest in solar technology. My goal is to have a world-class mosquito control operation which is powered with renewable energy and saves taxpayers money.
Vote Burke on November 3rd
Watch this space to learn how YOU can stop the spread of mosquitoes.



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