Vote Will Burke for Lee County Mosquito Control Seat 5 on November 3rd.

I'm a 4th generation Floridian, teacher, husband,  UF graduate and La Belle Florida native.  I come from a family of educators - people who have spend their careers serving the public.  My mother and sister are teachers and my grandfather was Superintendent of schools in Hendry County. I teach English and ESE at Riverdale High School where I am also a TALC building rep. 

I'm running for Lee County Mosquito Control not because I want to be someone, but because I want to do something.  I love my job and my students but there is more to be done.

As early as 1922, the Florida State Board of Health advised that "only men interested in rendering a real service should be considered" as potential mosquito control inspectors.  Effective mosquito control work was "no job for a politician," which is just fine for me.

Currently, the Lee County Mosquito Control District is doing an outstanding job in setting the standard for other areas around the country to follow.  We have the largest budget of any mosquito control operation and they are putting it to good use. 

On June 10th, the LCMCD began the world's first program to release sterilized male mosquitoes into the environment. The females that mate with these males will lay eggs that never hatch. As of June 2020, the plan is to release up to 100,000 sterilized males per week.

In mid June, the LCMCD successfully used a drone to release mosquito larvacide for the first time ever in Lee County.  This is an exciting organization, and I am running to keep that momentum going.

If elected, I will push the LCMCD to invest in renewable solar technology. My goal is to have a world-class mosquito control operation which is powered with renewable energy. We can once again set the standard, not just for advances in pest control, but for the usage of renewable energy in our local government.

**If you are registered to vote in Lee County,  you will see my name on your ballot.  I would appreciate your vote**

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